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The International Boxing Club, a 501(c)(3) organization created in 1998, operates an amateur boxing club for youth ages 8 through 20 years and for hobby boxing for all ages. Its work, however, extends far beyond the boxing ring. Boxing is the hook that gets children and adolescents involved in no-cost afterschool academic, cultural, social, and service-learning activities.

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The IBC has been highly successful in attracting hard to reach, disenfranchised youth into its programs: more than 4,000 physically, socially, and ethnically diverse underserved at-risk youth have used IBC’s services over the last 13 years.



The mission of CROPS is to alleviate poverty in America by growing a new generation of leaders to implement innovative and sustainable solutions in agriculture, business, education, environment, and health.

The International Boxing Club is affiliated with the

United States Amateur Boxing, Inc.

Competiting in Amateur Boxing can result in positive effects. The benefits of amateur boxing participation are numerous.

Amateur Boxing at IBC International Boxing Club of Toledo Ohio


Benefits of Participation Include

  • Developing Appropriate Skills
  • Developing Physical Fitness
  • Learning Appropriate Conditioning Techniques That Affect Health and Performance
  • Developing a Realistic and Positive Self-Image
  • Enhancing the Likelihood of Participation in Physical Activity Throughout Life
  • Developing a Respect for Rules as Facilitators of Safe and Fair Competition
  • Obtaining Enjoyment and Recreation
  • Developing Positive Personal, Social and Psychological Skills such as Self-Worth, Self
  • Discipline, Team Work, Effective Communication, Goal Setting and Self-Control
  • Denouncing Drug Use as The Way To Recreate, Escape From Reality, or Enhance Performance


Who Wins? Everyone Does.

Boxing is a physical outlet that allows teenagers filled with fear and angst to release negative aggression in a positive environment. The International Boxing Club gets the kids off the dark streets and into a community ring - turning them into the leaders of tomorrow.

The IBC offers a dynamic opportunity for youth to improve the chances of a bright future for themselves, their families and their community. Through encouragement, peer support and extraordinary educational and vocational opportunities, participants learn and refine the tools necessary to make admirable life-enhancing decisions, which will positively reflect on the community.


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IBC Youth Friendships

International Boxing Club strives to instill youth with a strong self image.

Fight for Victory Event

International Boxing Club provides community-based amateur boxing programs.

Coach and IBC Youth

The International Boxing Club gets the kids off the dark streets and into a community ring.

Amateur Boxing Teams

Being a member of our “A” Team enables you to travel for competitions.

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Visit the Institute for Building Careers for information on The Learning Center, Vocational Training and the Gloves with Love afterschool youth IBC Programs of Toledo, Ohio!